Bajra Sandhi: Balinese people struggle monument (Denpasar City)

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Bajra Sandhi is a place of such temples which reflects the struggle of the people of Bali. Located in the heart of Denpasar, on the Puputan Renon Ground. Renon is a bona fide areas where there are many offices of large companies, embassies, and offices-governor and his official duty.   Surrounding buildings, many people who use the sports facilities and recreation. Surrounding the park is set well in order to refresh the mind, because it...


UC Browser: Opera Mini competitor

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Before the Opera Mini 5 released, UC Browser features truly superior. Already supports multiple tabs, download manager, the access point switcher, and various other features have been included. From Wikipedia… “UC Browser is now ranked No.1 in the Chinese mobile web browser market, with over 58 million active users and over 180 billion page views per month by June 2010”.On the website, I found “Six reasons to fall in love with UC...


Compare: X-Plore vs. Y-Browser

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Both are file manager aplication for Nokia Symbian mobile phone especialy for S60 v3 family (OS 9.x). The main difference is… X-Plore is a pay application not free but Y-Browser is a freeware mobile phone application. If you only need the functions of file organization, choose Y-Browser will make you have saving a lot.X-PloreThis mobile apps have developed by Lonely Chat Games (LCG). Some interesting features that I like… are have a...


Pengrupukan: a day before Nyepi

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Pengrupukan is one day before Nyepi in Bali celebrated by the Hindus of Bali. Nyepi is a day of Saka new year celebration.Pengrupukan is a day to perform ceremony in order to calm Bhuta (evil spirit) so as not to interfere mankind. The ceremony held on this day in all areas in Bali, called Pecaruan. While the late afternoon or early evening ... young people around the region by bringing Ogoh-ogoh accompanied by gamelan tradisional music that...

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