Google Sketchup mirror or rotate

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Software Tutorial 2 Responses

Google SketchUp Mirror command can not be found, whereas very useful when drawing object. Actually this command is still there, only have a bit different with other drawing software like AutoCAD.For example, if I want to mirror the object show on screenshot below with the spin axis that I mark red…..Tips: should group first or make it into element the object… that you want to mirror to avoid mistakes. Usually the object is...


Custom Windows 7 themes

Manik Agra Tutorial windows 0 Responses

I am very… very like this topic, custom Windows 7 themes. Try many other software to changes the appeareance of Windows since I was using Windows 98 at year 2000. Windows Blind, Talisman Desktop… then Style XP… and many other.Now I am using the Seven, that have beautiful appeareance by default. But thats not easy to make me satisfied. With Google I am try to find something to make my desktop looking good. Until I found this… modified...


Simple way to edit MP3 tag on Windows 7 (Seven)

Manik Agra multimedia Software 0 Responses

Are you use Windows, especially the Seven ??? Are you like listening music… MP3 format music ???If yes for that two questions… Aaaaaaha… This Seven (Windows Seven) can organize MP3 music directly in Windows Explorer. I don’t know with Vista, because never been use that operating system.Look at the picture upper.You can edit mp3 tag on windows 7 from Windows Explorer.For example… click one MP3 music, and look at...

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