Mop the floor with cow dung at Sade village, Lombok, Indonesia

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Ethnic Sasak traditional house located in Dusun Sade, Central Lombok, the floor is made from a mixture of clay and buffalo dung. According to local custom is a tribute to the buffalo that have been employed in the fields. People living in these hamlets are all Sasak tribe. They are still holding fast to the customary tradition. In fact, the typical traditional house is also still visible Sasak stood firm and maintained in this area.Sasak...


Bali sunset view: Tanah Lot

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[caption id="attachment_405" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tanah Lot - Bali sunset view[/caption]Tanah Lot is bali sunset view of the most popular places of interest, is located on the coast of South Bali, at the village of Beraban in the Tabanan Regency. It is also called Tanah Let which means ancient land and also Tanah Lod, which means the land to the south. The Tanah Lot temple, simple in its construction, is dramatic in its ocean-front...


Trillian Astra: Digsby rival

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If you chat and social networking enthusiast, maybe Trillian and Digsby sounded familiar. Both are multi-network chat application, making it easier to chat with various networks of friends. Both are social networking client to, make you easy to comment your friends status in Facebook and Twitter.Does not like Digsby that is free, Trillian practically trial software but can still be used although it has been over 30 days, but filled with ads....


Four important service code for Nokia mobile phone

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I think this four important service code is the most important code must known by the Nokia phones general user.The first, *#06# –> this code to know the IMEI number of mobile phone. This code can be used on phones from other brands. Why need to know this code? If you buy a secondhand cell phone, matches the IMEI code of the phone and on the packaging box. If different, it's better not to buy. The second, *#0000# –> this code to...

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