Theme DIY: making theme Symbian by your self

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Theme DIY (do it yourself) is Symbian S60 v3 application to making Symbian OS 9.x phone theme directly from your mobile. So no need computer anymore to making Symbian theme. Theme DIY version 1.5 have support the latest S60 v3 Feature Pack (FP) 2 and I think it can be use on S60 v5 too… Visit Forum Nokia website to know the detail of your mobile phone.If you compare this application with desktop version of theming software (like Carbide...


Making Key Pairs (Symbian S60 v3 and v5 Certificate file)

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When you make a S60 v3 or v5 of Nokia Symbian theme and will compile it become to ready use theme, need a certificate file in the compilation process, on Carbide UI called Key Pairs. You can making key pairs directly on Carbide UI. This file will determine when the application or theme file are expired. This file is different from the certificate files to be ordered in OPDA because it is not IMEI number based.On the window making key...


Font Router s60v3: Change your Symbian mobile phone font

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Some time ago I wanted to change the font type  of my Nokia 6120c which includes Symbian OS 9.x. Some tricks I try but fail until I found Font Router s60v3. A higher success rate obtained by using this application, but need a phone that was in a hacked condition or use application that signed already.You must download Font Router s60v3 first and install it with appropriate steps. On several sources..... would be better if install python as...


Remove the blue bar in Nokia S60 v3 and v5 theme

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This article are connected with previous… about how to making Nokia Symbian S60 v3 and v5 theme. I hope this page is not loading so slowly because it contains many images.I usually use Carbide UI to make Nokia 6120c theme that including Symbian S60 v3 FP1.Blue bar is a term that I give to something bar with blue colour on Nokia S60 theme that I made. This blue bar need to hidden or throw to something… so that not disturb the...

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