Carbide UI Theme Editor: Make Symbian S60 theme

Manik Agra Nokia Smartphone Software Tutorial 11 Responses

Carbide UI Theme Editor is software to make Nokia theme, for every type that support theme. With that ability, you must precise your phone type when make a theme. If input the wrong type, your theme will useless. Theme creation with Carbide UI Theme Editor or not..... you must create a certificate file to a S60 v3 Nokia theme so that it can be used. I make Nokia 6120c theme that’s S60 v3 familiy as a sample.As alternative, now no need to...


Google Sketchup mirror or rotate

Manik Agra Google SketchUp Software Tutorial 2 Responses

Google SketchUp Mirror command can not be found, whereas very useful when drawing object. Actually this command is still there, only have a bit different with other drawing software like AutoCAD.For example, if I want to mirror the object show on screenshot below with the spin axis that I mark red…..Tips: should group first or make it into element the object… that you want to mirror to avoid mistakes. Usually the object is...


SMS inbox directory, where it’s located?

Manik Agra application review Nokia Smartphone Tutorial 0 Responses

Someone in mobile gadget forum ask:Where’s the SMS inbox directory of my Nokia Symbian 9.x mobile phone? I want to move some file that I transfer from bluetooth device to a folder in memory card.The answer is:If you transfer some file from your bluetooth device to Symbian 9.x (S60 v3 and v5) mobile phone… the file will place in SMS inbox. So… will looked like SMS. To find SMS directory, your mobile phone need to hack… so...


Hack Nokia Symbian phones with HelloOX

Manik Agra application review Nokia Smartphone Tutorial 28 Responses

Was… Hack Nokia Symbian phones (S60 v3 and v5) with HelloOX is most phenomenal. How is not… this application makes everything (hack) run automatically so that even beginners can do it. I'm doing hack Nokia Symbian phones with HelloOX to my Nokia 6120c that its firmware has been updated to version 6.51 from 5.11… and it’s works… although for firmware version 7.xx.To install HelloOX to your standard mobile phone, you must sign it...

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