Google Camera [Android app]

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Turns out a lot of my Facebook friends interested in Panorama photo that I took using Google Camera application. Google Camera initially is not supported on my mobile phone that I used, Xiaomi Redmi 3G Note. But first I have try this camera app with my Motorola Moto G. Initially I felt unremarkable and nothing special, except for the simple appearance.   A few days ago I discovered that my phone has been supported and can...


Stellar OST Viewer [Freeware]

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I found Stellar OST Viewer when I am looking for info on how to get PST from OST Microsoft Outlook data files format. Stellar OST Viewer is freeware to read email data of Microsoft Outlook data files in OST format. This OST format formed when you add the Web-based email such as to Microsoft Outlook. This data files format can't import directly to Microsoft Outlook such as in used on another computer. Maybe you need Stellar OST...


Microsoft Outlook and [Android App]

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Maybe Microsoft Outlook for Android will replace Android app, but the important for me is features of the earlier application still exist in the new application. I wrote above is my own reflection when knowing Microsoft Outlook for Android is launched. I have using free web-based email service from the name is Windows Live, then change to and I followed. Also use the Android application for long time....


Create PST file from OST [Microsoft Outlook 2013]

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In this case I need PST file from OST so I can easily and quickly move my email that have downloaded by Microsoft Outlook 2013 to another laptop. First, maybe you need to know about PST and OST file of Microsoft Outlook 2013 that I use. After that, maybe you need to know why I need the PST, whether not quite with the OST. The partial answer is in the picture below. If you add your email to your Microsoft Outlook 2013, as an example I am...

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