Thunderbird: manage default identities

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This Thunderbird tips and tutorial very useful to send an email but it comes from a different account. Let me explain the condition. Thunderbird, Mailbird and Outlook allow sending email using an email account other than the account used at the time. Suppose my personal email account is P and my work email account is W. With the above email client software, you can send an email from the account P but using the email address of origin W. But...


PDF Editor Mac – Edit Your PDF Document Content Easily [Freeware]

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PDF Editor Mac is freeware to edit PDF document format on Mac easily. The PDF format is becoming the most popular Electronic Document format in the world nowadays, because it is widely used for exchanging and distributing documents with a small file size. PDF documents can encompass text, tables, 2D graphics and even scanned images. This specific kind of document can be viewed very easily by lots of reader programs, and used as commercial...


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk [Giveaway]

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk is an emergency software that provide the first aid for your computer system. When you found BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) condition of your laptop, what your next step? For me, try to restart and if the problem persists, do the recovery. What do you use to perform the recovery? Command line.... Yes, it answers one who understands. For me as ordinary users, DOS or command line are the dark...


Any iPad Data Recovery [Giveaway]

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Any iPad Data Recovery is software that will help you to get your lost data back from iPad with various iOS. Generally known that the iOS device does not have an external memory slot, so you do not have place to back up the data in your device. Internal memory becomes the only data storage. Problems arise if there is something on your critical data residing on the internal memory. You can not take it off and move it to other device for...

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