Bitdefender USB Immunizer: Immune your USB storage from virus

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Bitdefender USB Immunizer made by famous antivirus makers to prevent virus to infiltrate into victim's computer system through USB Storage. Bitdefender USB Immunizer can used to immune your USB storage. Some viruses exploit using autorun.inf file to infiltrate into victim's computer system. Media used often through a USB flash drive or mp3 player and that kind uses USB storage. So Bitdefender USB Immunizer create autorun file type in USB...


Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2017: for stable Windows system [GIVEAWAY]

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Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2017 is computer maintenance software to keep your computer system on top performance and stable. You can using Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2017 to make your PC faster and more responsive, protect your privacy and safeguard or remove sensitive data, clean and declutter your system, fix and repair common Windows errors and improve system stability, achieve and maintain peak performance.Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2017...


PDF Converter Elite: Tool for Complete PDF Management

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PDF Converter Elite is already known document management tool that converts PDF files to MS Office and OpenOffice formats, as well as PDF to Image, HTML, AutoCAD. PDF Converter Elite dealing with PDF documents is inevitable no matter what job occupation you have, a teacher, a banker, an accountant etc. Even if you work with documents on a personal level, let’s say to manage home budget reports or make grocery lists, most files you would need...


PDF Merge Mobile Freeware App [Android and iPhone]

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PDF Merge is a mobile app that combines two or more PDF files on your iOS or Android device. It’s a very simple app and with a couple of straightforward steps, you’ll have your PDFs merged.PDF Merge 3 simple steps useJust open your PDF document in any standard PDF reader you use, or in Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, or in any other app that stores your PDF files. Afterwards, look for the Share button or the Open in menu and tap...

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