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Photo Editor Ultimate Free certainly much needed BlackBerry (Curve 3G 9300) users because does not include a simple image processing application that functions to resize and crop the image. Myself consider this application must be installed, I really need this functionality.

Through the BlackBerry App World I found the application Photo Editor Ultimate Free.

With Photo Editor Ultimate Free you can rotate images, change brightness and contrast, re-coloring, combining images, and distortion effects. New functions in this application which are combines two pictures and a new distortion effects rapidly developed since the first time I used this application.

photo editor ultimate free - blackberry applicationComplete features are supported:

  • Open file dialog with image preview
  • Menu item in file viewer for images
  • Rotate
  • Change the brightness
  • Change the contrast
  • Resize
  • Apply color effects (sepia, negative, grayscale)
  • Partly color the image by (see screenshots)
  • Combine two images horizontal
  • Jitter
  • Pixelate (with and/or without grid)
  • Save the image to the memory or sdcard using a save file dialog
  • Send image by email as an attachment
  • Upload to Imgur, and copies the url to the clipboard
  • You can toggle the buttons on the main screen by using a menu item
  • In case you want to start over, you can reload the image

If you buy the pro version, you will get:

  • Apply retro color effect
  • Mirror an image over the x –axis, y-axis and/or diagonal
  • Crop the image (cutout a specific part of the image)
  • Apply effects: Horizontal wobble, Vertical wobble and/or smoothen the image
  • Add text to the image (change font color, size and style)
  • Paint on the image (change paint color and size)
  • Combine two images vertical
  • Combine two images by overlaying an image on top of the other
  • photo editor ultimate free - combining 2 picturesCombine two images by intertwine
  • Apply distortion to the whole image or a part of it
  • Bulge
  • Twirl (also called swirl)
  • Water effect
  • Waves
  • Time Warp
  • Upload to twitter with TwitPic
  • Upload to GlowFoto, and copies the url to the clipboard
  • Upload to Tumblr
  • Upload to Imageshack, and copies the url to the clipboard
  • Post to your own server (with the POST method)

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