PhotoLikr: alternatif upload photo to Google (Picasa Web Album)

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PhotoLikr is one product from ObviousIdea. This free software works to upload image files to Google Picasa and also for giving ratings to images are owned.

Picture uploaded on the server was actually Google’s Picasa, but as if separate. For that, PhotoLikr requires a Google account (Picasa) to do it. Other than Picasa, it’s also supports PhotoOnWeb which is other product from Obvious which serves as an web album interface, and Minus.

If you take an image URL link, it will show it on the Picasa server. This software can be an alternative of Picasa desktop version, but I prefer to use Picasa.

Want to try?

Point your web browser to official website.

photolikr - image viewer supported account upload and share image

  • Thanks for this first ever article about PhotoLikr, it is not only an uploader for Google Picasa, Gmail, and PhotoOnWeb, it is also a local tool to sort your picture localy and remotely. Localy you can sync with the vote onlines, and then locally you can delete or move the best picture to a new folder.
    unlike Picasa, there is no limit of 1000 pictures per album

    • Hi Fabrice Meuwissen,
      thank you for the valuable additional information
      I was not expecting to get information directly from the Obvious

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