Picasa: straighten skewed images

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When you take a photo of an object, possibly the result is not properly aligned with with vertical and horizontal axis. Maybe you are little disappointed with the results of the photo while inside is very memorable moment. But if you have Picasa, your disappointment can be reduced and even disappear.

Brief description of Picasa

Picasa is a simple and free image processing and viewer that are Google owned, with an attractive appearance effect. Consists of two parts, ie desktop devices installed on your computer and web album. However you can use them separately. More info about Picasa and free download.

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Run Picasa and select an image to be aligned with a double click. Select Straighten menu as shown in the picture below with point number 1. Slider will appear as shown in section number 2. Then slide the slider to find the appropriate level of straightness. Remember to save the changes you’ve made.

picasa - straighten photos

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