RJ Text Editor: common but not usually

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Text editor software is a software that is often used to display and edit the file containing the programming code, such as html, php, xml, and others. Actually….. to display and edit the programming code mentioned above can be done with Notepad in Windows OS or any other similar software. Then….. why using text editor software like RJ Text Editor to edit the code?

rj text editor

Previous I have compare two text editor software, that are Notepad ++ and Bend.

One of the reasons I use text editor software is because this type of software already supports programming languages such as php, xml, and others. So that the code structure (programming) is more clearly visible. Opening tag and closing tag will not be overlooked anymore.

rj text editor - preview

RJ text editor unique feature is a viewer that is embedded, so they can visualize the programming code that is created directly. That use Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer engine.

Want to try? ….. free download RJ Text Editor.

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