Shrink A OS: Diet for BlackBerry OS 6

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Shrink a OS is a tool that is used to reduce the capacity of the BlackBerry OS, so application memory will remain so much more (dietary aide for BlackBerry OS). Why you need this ?

I bought the phone BlackBerry (BB) Curve 3G 9300 that uses Operating System (OS) 5.x and but it supports the OS 6 (OS 6 ready). And interested do upgrading to the OS 6 when read on the BlackBerry website. This upgrade is very easy to do. Connect BlackBerry device with the data cable that comes with the package with your computer and click upgrade. Then your BlackBerry cell phone will use the OS 6 (read more about: upgrade BlackBerry OS).

After further observed, the memory used for applications were only about 40 MB. BlackBerry can not install applications on an external memory. I think the free memory to small….. Finally re-use OS 5 for the remaining application memory and freely enough to install the applications.

One day I was talking with friends who use the same BlackBerry phone and he said that the remaining application memory quite a lot left. With confusion I wonder….. why be like that? I tried to looking on the internet why can happen like that.

Then I found the tool Shrink A OS that works to eliminate unused applications so that the remaining application memory quite a lot. It also can increase system performance because it is lighter. Shrink A OS not a stand alone tool. I found it on BBHybrids Tool v2.4 that can be downloaded via the following link.

shrink a os - BBHybrids Tool v2.4


This application works like RT 7 Lite, vLite, and nLite on Windows Operating System.



The diet can be done on the OS that is installed on the phone already or still are on the computer. This is done by filling a check mark on the application you want to removed. Be careful !!! Maybe you need to delve further for this to avoid damage to the operating system.

After this process, you will find a drastic reduction in capacity on the lower right of the Shrink A OS interface or on the Shrink Information.

Now I have about 65 MB of free space on the application memory (internal memory) after adding a variety of applications required.

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