Symbian applications signer, GenialSis

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GenialSis is Symbian applications signer tool that was developed by socci4 to signing Symbian S60 v3 and v5 applications, so the application can installed without displays expired certificate alert.

Previously, I have discussed about applications signer tool such as: iMobile Sign Tool, SignSis (OPDA), FreeSigner, and XSign. And….. when I try GenialSis, I see a slightly different tool. But not developed anymore.

Let us discuss some features of GenialSis

Symbian applications signer - GenialSis

Read more carefully the bold written text in the image above. Especially the text on second row.

The first and second tab is used to create a certificate file via Symbian Signed. But the account creation procedure rather complicated and could not accept Yahoo email address, GMail, and others. More easily to create certificate file from OPDA.

Symbian applications signer - GenialSis

After obtaining certificate files from Symbian Signed, through tabs 1 and 2, continue the process of signing through tab 3. But if you make certificate through OPDA  or any other party, directly to the tab 4 (import) first. After that return to the tab 3 to signing process.

Symbian applications signer - GenialSis

Last tab contains information about the application developers, to get updates, and alternate language (Italian). You can donate some money to develop this tool, but this tool was no longer developed.

Symbian applications signer - GenialSis

GenialSis Official website.

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