SMS inbox directory, where it’s located?

June 11, 2010

Someone in mobile gadget forum ask:

Where’s the SMS inbox directory of my Nokia Symbian 9.x mobile phone? I want to move some file that I transfer from bluetooth device to a folder in memory card.

The answer is:

sms inbox directorysms inbox directory
If you transfer some file from your bluetooth device to Symbian 9.x (S60 v3 and v5) mobile phone… the file will place in SMS inbox. So… will looked like SMS. To find SMS directory, your mobile phone need to hack… so you can show your hidden directory on yours. With Y-Browser file manager application, find directory Private in drive C:\. This is for default condition. If you use memory card to save SMS, the file will be in E:/.

sms inbox directorysms inbox directorysms-inbox-nokia-symbian-vmancer

In Private folder, you will see many folder with letter and numeric names. In my mobile phone (Nokia 6120c Symbian S60 v3), that will found the folder with name 1000484b. Maybe different in other phone type, just be patient to searching.  Then will see Mail2 directory… Open and open too the directory show in picture in the left.

sms-inbox-nokia-symbian-vmancer sms-inbox-nokia-symbian-vmancer sms-inbox-nokia-symbian-vmancer
sms-inbox-nokia-symbian-vmancerApplication (X-Plore) that I transfer from bluetooth will found in deep director, just patient to searching. You can use move and paste command to move that apps to other folder. Want to more simple ??? Use X-plore from Lonely Chat Games (LCG).  Look the picture at left side… Just go to Tools menu, choose Messaging… the apps that transfer from bluetooth will found directly. Then move it to some folder you want to.

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