Subscribe blog feeds using Blackberry Social Feeds

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In Blackberry OS 6, you will found some new applications. One of them is Social Feeds. This Social Feeds application used for getting update from some application, like your friend status update from instant messenger application, or you can getting update from website or blog that you like.

Social Feeds can integrated with Messages Inbox and will notify you if there are any updates. You can found this setting on Option, Display.

To get update automatically from blog or website, you need to making some setting on your Blackberry (BB) Smartphone.

First, go to RSS part and found New RSS in the menu (with press BB menu button). Fill the website or blog URL webpage address that you want to follow the feeds (subscribe). Your BB will automatically searching for the feeds URL. You will prompt to fill the check box which one URL feeds to import. After finish this steps, you will receive the update automatically when the website or blog updated.

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