Tag friends Facebook status from mobile phone

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Tag friends facebook status from mobile phone, how to? I am very courius with that. It’s very easy doing if from regular Facebook on desktop or laptop. With only type @ in front of friends name….. Then type first letter of your friend, it will show drop down list of your friends with that first letter name. But this can’t be used on Facebook Mobile. Mobile phone internet browser can’t works like that.

So….. How to tag friends?

After doing search, it can be done with input format @[ID:] in status or comment (see how the writing on the first image).
But, you can’t use this on any mobile Facebook apps, include Facebook for BlackBerry apps. This format only can used from mobile phone web browser or other mobile web browser like Opera Mini.

Tag friends Facebook status from mobile phone
Tag friends Facebook status from mobile phone

Replace ID with Facebook profile ID that are series of numbers not the same (count and number) between the profiles to one another. You can found the ID in page URL (see the second picture). But problem will arise when you donot find the ID number, but the name. This @[ID:] format become useless.

So, how to get ID number if you found name?

It’s needs some tricks. Open friends profile page. Then click on their profile picture. Will open profile picture page and if you see the URL….. you’ll found some number. Use only the number behind ID (see second picture above).

If you are using Facebook for BlackBerry v3, tag friends and locations will be very easy to do. You can forget the tutorial above.

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