Windows 7 Manager: The hidden theme of Windows 7

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Generally been known that windows 7 is a Microsoft operating system of the most beautiful but lighter than Windows Vista. By default, bring some themes and gadgets that function to beautify the view on the desktop.

I just know that there are some additional hidden themes. Look at the picture below.

hidden theme of windows 7

Maybe you’ve never seen four themes below. I got it directly from Windows 7 which is installed with the help of software Windows 7 Manager, Visual Customizer.

windows 7 manager visual customizer

Fill check box and press install theme. You’ll get a few other themes.

If you don’t want to use any software, go to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT (to go to this location, must be typed directly on the address bar). I assume C is your Windows 7 instalation drive. You will find some folder there… and if you open one of the folder you will find folder with name Theme. Double clicks the *.theme file and you will get the additional hidden theme.

  • yes…
    it’s very effective way to increase performance.

  • I only use windows 7 classic theme, so can reduce memory and increase performance

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