Trillian Astra and Palringo: Always connected

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In the previous article, I compare between Digsby and Trillian Astra. Now I compare between Trillian and Palringo.

All this chat applications already supports many common network, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, and others. All chat applications can also be run on various platforms of operating system. More detailed look at the picture below.

trillian astra-platform support palringo-platform support

Picture on the left is a screenshot of Trillian Astra website that shows the supported platforms. And on the right is owned by Palringo. In my opinion….. all vying for users to always be connected to the network, the device is fixed or on mobile devices. Both have support Apple Macintosh operating system, even Palringo also supports Linux.

So you only need to have one account to be connected to the network via your mobile device or desktop.

Between the two software….. Trillian Astra have more complete feature. In addition to chat feature which owned both, Trillian has a feature inbox email notification and also can connect on social networking….. so you can update status and comments directly without requiring any internet browser.

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