Nokia s40 theme creation with Carbide UI

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Nokia s40 theme creation with Carbide UI are easy. Just need to copy – paste the image used for the theme.

With Carbide UI we can make S40 theme or S60 theme,not only for Nokia s40 theme creation. Can I said that Carbide UI can be used to make themes for all types of Nokia. Nokia Series 40 (S40) types are like 5300, 6300, X3, 6500, and others… that used Nokia java firmware, not Symbian.

Let’s start…

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

Choose create theme…

There will be show up New Theme windows. In this case, choose series 40 theme.

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

From this window that inform you can make S40 and S60 theme, S60 audio theme that contain set of sound.

After choose series 40 theme, will appear the interface. At the left you will see resource, at the center will show preview and image properties that used, right side show gallery… like mini preview of all screen.

You can create a new or edit existing theme. Make new one will need more time then editing. If you like somethings in other theme… will be more easy with editing. But… remember the copyrights.
nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

To change background, choose one screen. Then just klik at preview windows. Make sure to choose the right part. The simple way is you copy image from Windows Explorer first, then paste at the part you select before. Fullscreen background on Nokia S40 have 240 x 320 pixel size. You better make an appropriate image size than using the image larger or smaller. This will effect the file size of theme. Your mobile phone will cannot use theme with very large size capacity.

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

Look the picture… You can paste at red mark parts, choose one. Or you can use  keyboard Ctrl + V.

Remember to choose the right parts !!!

Change the background one by one. Choose the screen … on mini preview and change background or other parts on preview with the same way, copy… paste…

Very easy…

To change icon… use the same way, and another parts is the same.

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

You can personalize the calendar background too…

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UINeed attention on change the icon. Icon have three image that can be different or same image. List… will show icon image on list view, grid… on grid view, animated… if you have animated image.

Tab view background… if you personalize will show different background for each menu tab.

If so… now compile the theme.

nokia s40 theme creation - carbide UI

Choose the option that mark red. Series 40 theme v3.0 that used for S40 v3 family like 5300, 6300, etc. V2.0 are different … usually use LCD screen more smaller. At the right side, check all option… If you not uncheck sound mean you not include sound at your theme. Your theme will be use .nth file format (Nokia Theme).

Transfer that file to your mobile phone with bluetooth or cable or IR (Infra Red) then apply.

How about your theme??? Good???

If you are confuse, or have question… ask me. I hope I can help you…

Carbide UI download (not just for Nokia s40 theme creation with Carbide UI).

Need icons and highlight as source to making theme?? See Source download page.

Free download S40 theme….. see page Nokia 5300 themes gallery.


  • the theme is not getting transferred to the gives an error message saying check the external settings in preferances…
    what to do???????

    • I never experienced it
      theme file transfer process runs smoothly

  • the theme is not getting transferred….

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  • Bonjovi Agbayani

    is c2-03 included in the s40??? but i think its 6th edition??? is there some theme creator that have an 6th edition?

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  • how can we download the software. Good work

  • Gee

    Hi! I find this post really helpful. However, I have problems in creating my series 4o theme. The wallpaper in my main menu isn’t full sized although the wallpaper in my standby screen is. I’m using carbide 3.4 and my phone is Nokia 3120 classic.

    Can you please help me?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • this is the answer… try to check this link !!!
      this mobile phone type use screen size 240 x 320 pixels
      if you use different picture size and different aspect ratio… then the background will not full.

      the simple way is just use the picture with appropriate size.

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