OPDA signing tool: How to use it?

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In addition to the website, OPDA signing tool is offline tools that can be used to sign symbian applications. But still require a certificate file that can be ordered for free in OPDA website to sign the symbian s60 v3 and v5 application.

OPDA signing tool

Then after you have a certificate file, the signing process you can do online through the website or offline via OPDA signing tool… SignTool v0.1 by ken_zhang.

Want to get it?

Download SignSisTool

And how to use it?? Watch and follow instructions in the interactive tutorial below

This movie requires Flash Player 8

If you have no certificate file yet, follow the tutorial on this page to create it….. How to create a certificate file for symbian phones (S60 v3 & S60 v5).

If you not interested with offline sign but very like online sign way, plaese see the article about  it: OPDA Online Sign Symbian S60 v3 and S60 v5 Application.

  • amit

    plz hep i am try to 1 year for opda site but not create my certificate why.

    • now are difficult to get certificate file from OPDA, except you a premium member.

    • summerguy

      forget this lame cert thing.hack ur phn with dr web method…

      • yes, now the used of the tutorial above is hard because difficulty in obtaining certificate file

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  • jiten

    to sign sis file

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  • may be useful to other readers,
    fill second row to unsigned file that you want to sign
    fill third row to .cer file
    fill fourth row to .key file
    note: certificate file consists of 2 files: extension .cer and .key

  • Another

    Don’t bother to answer, I’ve seen it in the other guide.

    Thank you for all your dedication.

  • Another

    Whith what do you fill the 2 ,3 and 4 options?


  • help

    Hey what is the last option (Sign[][][])
    what do I put in there? please!!

    • used to select the location of applications that have been signed

  • Bob

    So what is the little box next to the key selection box?
    the one with the check box next to it

    • fill check box and password for certificate file that have password, otherwise leave blank

  • the fifth blank coloumn is for sign version application name. that needed if you want to use other file name and location.

  • kelly

    Hi, i just need to know, what to put on th fifth blank? (the one written sign). what do you put there?

  • I think previous certificate file have not been received, then I realized this was a new order. just wait… I’ll send when it becomes available.

  • ashok


    I need certificate file and key file for my nokia phone.
    Imei is 356932034249163


  • ardian

    makasih banyak mas atas bantuannya.,,

  • ardian

    kalau mau ganti tanggalnya.,,diganti tanggal berapa ya.,,???

    soalnya saya kesulitan sign kalau gg tau tanggal sebelum masa kadaluarsa..,,

    mohon bantuannya.,,

    • kamu kan sudah punya file sertifikatnya (cer + key)…
      gunakan itu di SignSis ini, maka kamu gak perlu bingung lagi tentukan tanggal
      klo kamu belum bisa, coba tanya temenmu…

  • ardian

    boleh kasih tau caranya install freesigner lewat hp.,

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  • I am very glad this article could help people.
    online sign has several weaknesses, especially because the application must be uploaded and this process is not necessarily going well.

  • joe

    hi. Thanks for outlining the steps. am an OPDA member and i had been trying for days to upload a 5mb for signing with no success. i even downloaded the offline signing tool but didn’t know how to use it (it doesn’t come with a manual or “how to” guide). So i just googled and found this article, followed the steps, signed the file in less than 2 minutes and i was done!
    Thanks for the guide. This page should be included in the “signsis.zip” download.
    PS – i had to download the video via “orbit downloader” and play it using “media player classic”, it wasn’t playing on the web-page.

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