Print reverse order in office suite

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Print reverse order command used for documents printed starting from the back page so no need to sorting the page again. This is necessary when printing documents that have a lot of pages. Some office software I have ever used usually have print reverse order option. Such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Kingsoft Office. The last two office software is free software for personal users with features that are adequate. See the picture...


Open Office Calc functions: Get quick results sequentially

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How to get quick results sequentially on Open Office Calc functions? I want to get series of results quickly, such as list of day names of the week, months of the year list, or numbers simple sequence of . See the image below for more clearly. Surely Open Office Calc functions can doing this. In principle this is the ordinary copy - paste command, but the result is the sequence obtained from the source. The first, second, and third...


Currency format, comma and thousand symbol

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Currency format Each country using different currency format. Widely used currency is Dollar ($), although the Dollar exchange rate used is not same for each country. Dollars with the best exchange rate is U.S. dollar (USD). Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Excel uses Dollar as standard currency arrangement. That's why you'll find the $ symbol when entering numbers and activate Currency commands in Microsoft Excel. What if you...


Open Office Writer: “Red line” corrections to the language mismatch

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As shown in the picture beside, there are paragraph that are not with red striped and another paragraph show different things. It is caused by the language setting that do not conform with the typed text. So the program shows an error correction which is marked with a red line. Almost every word processing software has this feature and the free Open Office Writer too….. So ... to eliminate the red line, match the typed sentences with...

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