Superscript on Open Office

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Look the picture beside especially in the section in red. The number three position is slightly above the other letters. This position is called Superscript. It is often used especially in mathematics and physics calculation unit. Menu Superscript in Microsoft Office Excel easier to find than on the Open Office. Although it still does not matter. In Open Office, you should seek Format Character menu. To be more clear, follow the Youtube...


Export as PDF on Open Office

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format, that created by Adobe for the purpose of exchanging digital documents. PDF format now has been generally used for document exchange. PDF format will greatly facilitate the recipient to read the contents of documents because it can be opened directly from the Internet browser or does not require any additional programs. If you want to open it on other software, is also very easy to find and...


Set Open Office Writer default font

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Whether you always use a different font type from default on Open Office Writer? If yes..... you can follow this interactive tutorial to set another font type as default, so..... no need to change the font when creating a new document. Find Option on Tools taskbar menu. Then find Open Office Writer section. Then set the font you want to used. For more clearly, see...


Open Office Calc: Automatic fill background color

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Open Office is one of the software used for tasks such as data processing, text editor, presentation, and various office jobs. This software can be used free for personal use. therefore... use of this software rapidly growing . I create the following interactive tutorial on using conditional formatting to provide background color automatically according to the requirements set in the Open Office Calc. I hope the following interactive...

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