UC Browser: Opera Mini competitor

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Before the Opera Mini 5 released, UC Browser features truly superior. Already supports multiple tabs, download manager, the access point switcher, and various other features have been included. From Wikipedia… “UC Browser is now ranked No.1 in the Chinese mobile web browser market, with over 58 million active users and over 180 billion page views per month by June 2010”.


On the website, I found “Six reasons to fall in love with UC browser”, that are:

  • Browsing Function
  • Navigation Function
  • Search Function
  • Media Function
  • Download Function
  • Personal Data Management

Screenshot0251 Screenshot0254

For me… Opera Mini is still the best mobile internet browser, because can display web pages properly, and can open almost all the websites that I visit. When test UC Browser, I cannot open my own blog vmancer.com. OMG….???

  • yes… additional servers maybe solve some problems.
    but… how about the ability to open a web page?
    when i try, this blog could not be opened.

  • Uc Browser is facing problem…Because of the large number of growing users. It has less server that why its facing problems..But soon they gonna add server to india , indonesia, russia ,usa and many places…This will solve the problem..UC still rocks coz of its speed and Download manager..Where opera mini lacks behind…

    Dont click 🙂 :- http://www.udzz.tk.

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