Upgrade BlackBerry operating system (OS): online and offline

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To upgrade blackberry operating system, online upgrade is easiest and newbies can do it. But offline upgrade takes less time. Read below whatever necessary to do so.

upgrade blackberry operating systemOnline Upgrade

This way is easiest and newbies can do it, even one of cellular operators in Indonesia include this topic in an array of events with free of charge.

To do this you need

  1. Computer (laptop, nettop….. no problem)
  2. A stable internet connection (if any….. high-speed internet connection)
  3. Data cable to connect your BlackBerry (BB) device with computer
  4. BlackBerry handheld with enough battery power (75% more, full is recomended)
  5. BlackBerry Desktop Software installed in computer

Step by step

  1. Connect your BB with data cable to computer
  2. Open internet browser and point to address: http://us.blackberry.com/update/
  3. Locate and click button that containing the words software updates or check update.

Upgrade BlackBerry operating system process will run automatically. Allowed if there is request to create backup (backup should be made prior to this process).


Offline Upgrade

You need some software related. I usually use BlackBerry Desktop Software, BBHybrids Tool, and BlackBerry OS (Operating System).

Download link

blackberry desktop spftware update OS

Step by step

  1. Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software and BlackBerry OS (BlackBerry Device Software).
  2. In directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9300AllLang_v6.0.0.448_P6.6.0.124\Java, delete file vendor.xml. The directory is hidden by default. You have to bring it through Folder Options (first left image below).
  3. Run BBHybrids Tool and do Wipe Device, then close the software (second image below).
  4. Run BlackBerry Desktop Software then will be detected there is no OS on your BlackBerry. It would offer to do the OS installation process (first right image below).

Process will run automatically like on online update process. Allowed if there is request to create backup (backup should be made prior to this process).

folder option - show hidden files and folder

blackberry desktop software - update my deviceBBHybrids Tool - phone tool



  • Consider whether to upgrade blackberry operating system. Maybe you did not get improved performance, but on the contrary.
  • This article based on my experience, may vary from that written on a blog or another website. I was confused because it differs from the article ever read.
  • I am not the expert on this, maybe I forgot to write one or two steps.
  • Do not ever interrupt the upgrade process because it can damage the hardware. Damage can also occur due to unintentional, such as power failure, lost internet connection, and others.
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