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I quite often upload photo to Facebook with a Nokia Symbian 6120c cell phones. But my friends thought I was doing through the Blackberry mobile phone with Facebook application. They do not think that upload photo to Facebook can be done in other ways.

First, by installing the Facebook application on the phone. This is the most easy and common. This can be done if the application is supported phones in use.

Second, by activating the Facebook Mobile. This way….. I think is more effective because it can be used in general. Upload photo to Facebook is done by sending the images to special email address that obtained from active Facebook Mobile.

Third, using third-party applications like Snaptu.

In this article will only discuss the second way of upload photo to Facebook by sending the picture via email (active Facebook Mobile).

How to activate Facebook Mobile?

facebook mobilePoint your web browser to facebook.com/mobile. Would be better if you previously logged in. You will see like picture beside.

Personal email address are listed there….. could also be used to upload photo and update Facebook status.

Personal email address should be kept secret so as not to be misused.


Every new mobile phones, especially the middle class and above can be used to send email.

Read first: how to set up email on Nokia Symbian phones?

How do I use personal email address to upload photos or update Facebook status ???

Just use like sending emails normally.

compose emailInput the Facebook personal email address as the destination (receiver).

Fill in the email subject with the desired word as the status, title or photo caption.

Attach photos to upload.

If you fill those three things, then that means you upload photos with caption or title listed in the email subject.

If you do not attach a picture, then it means you make the status in accordance with that written on the email subject.

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