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Wise Care 365 is pretty complete maintenance tool and keep your PC top performance.

When you start Wise Care 365, 5 things you’ll find below:

  1. A Comprehensive PC Cleaner
    To keep your computer system stays clean, the expected performance is always there at the maximum level.
  2. World’s Fastest System Optimization Tool
    Wise Care 365 optimizes PC’s performance, defrags disks and the Windows registry, and manages the startup process as well as services.
  3. Your Ultimate Computer Privacy Protector
    There are 3 tools associated with this are Privacy Eraser, Disk Eraser, and Disk Shredder. The three tools function so sensitive data can not be tracked again when removed. So any computer operation you do stays confidential.
  4. A Powerful System and Hardware Monitoring Utility
    Give you the essential information of your computer system.
  5. A Perfect Platform for Mutual Assistance on PC Problems
    There is a community for mutual assistance and knowledge sharing on PC problems. Users can ask any questions about their computers, while our experts and other users with relevant knowledge, experience or techniques will answer these questions.

More about Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 Giveaway

Here will be held giveaway activity for this software that will last for 3 days (72 days), start from March, 13th to 15th. This Giveaway version of Wise Care 365 has no time limited but can’t be upgraded. Download link will be posted on the start date.

Here the running giveaway

Wise Care 365

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