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See the picture…

tIt is a Tricks Theme v2 standard screenshot. But this blog use a template that has been modified by the author for me. I am very grateful for that.

Previous, I’ve used bloggers versions of templates that show growth encouraging. Cause that I want to try the WordPress version.

Wiil see for 1 until 2 month… but I really like this template.

Advantages of this WordPress template is:

– SEO optimize
– Fast loading
– Google Adsense ready
– Included social bookmark
– 125 x 125 pixel banner ads box
– Email subscriber
– and other advantages.

Want to try?


Or… want to see another collections of WordPress Tricks Theme.

  • vmancer

    Tricks theme v2 standar bisa didownload melalui link diatas…

    Tricks theme v2 download

  • rochett

    link downloadnya mana mas..?? 😀

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  • vmancer

    if so, let’s blogging with pleasure …

  • DG

    Azzz…. I already have my own… Hihihi…

  • vmancer

    What are you jealous of me?
    So, if you want, try to talk with the creators

  • DG

    I think someone was happy to get an exclusive theme from the theme owner… From now, this theme will be favorite free theme for WordPress bloggers.

    And the owner theme will get many backlinks… Oh no, his PageRank will much in future times, T.T

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