Write and publish your WordPress blog article from Blackberry (BB) Smartphone

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What you love to share stories through blogs? Especially WordPress blog? If so, install the following applications on your Blackberry Smartphone device.

wordpress for blackberryWordPress for Blackberry

You need is to install a WordPress application for Blackberry which can easily be obtained via the Blackberry App World. There you can enter keywords WordPress for faster searching. With this application, you can control your WordPress blog from Blackberry device, hosted in WordPress.com or self hosted WordPress blog, doesn’t matter. Create a new article, edit an article, reply comments, and other activities. I really like this application. I can set my blog in the field without requiring a computer.

Check for this article for example: Capture Blackberry screen with Screen Grabber.

photo editor ultimate freePhoto Editor Ultimate Free

This application is used for simple photo editing. You can rotate photo, change brightness, contrast, resize, and recolor.

From the functions, most often I need is to resize the image.

A smaller image size produces an image file capacity is also smaller. It aims to save space on the hosting and also create web pages appear more quickly.

You can get this application easily via the Blackberry App World. Enter the name of this application to search form.

navita translatorNavita Translator

I need this because my ability to speak English is not good. Navita can use Google Translate engine that I usually use to translate the article into English. Can also use a machine translator from Bing. But I never use Bing.

Together with other applications above, all can be obtained easily and free of course….. via the Blackberry App world.

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