Top 6 Software Development Services a Tech Agency Can Deliver to Your Business

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When you refer to a company that helps hire a dedicated team, you can get lost in the number of additional services they offer. That’s because the professional software development company goes beyond completing a simple task to find the right developer. To get prepared before meeting the agency representatives, we’ve created an overview of the solutions you can get from LemApp.  Who we are We’re LemApp, a...


Google Places & Maps: help you to promote your business with pleasure

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How can it be? And how do I do that?? Let's read this article further. Google has products name Google Maps and Google  Places. Has long ago, both Google products are used for promotional marketing through the Internet, but many do not know. Google Maps Offers world maps with free services that can be accessed by everyone. Map data is always updated regularly. Much of the information displayed in the form of layers there, let alone you...


Do you need to make a PDF file from a picture or convert Microsoft Office into PDF?

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EEZZEE.IO was created as a convenient free web-based platform for converting into PDF, editing pictures, and creating charts. All these operations you can easily perform just in a browser. Do you need to make a PDF file from a picture or convert Microsoft Office into PDF? No problems! Apply EEZZEE.IO to do this in a snap. This tool supports a wide range of different file types and formats. Upload files from your computer or DropBox and...


Track and Trace Solutions for Business

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Track and Trace Solutions for Business Business development is a necessary process for every organization that wants to improve the workflow and increase income. A track and trace solution system is the best choice for stable business progress without unwanted interferences. Due to track and trace solutions, it is possible to determine all weak points in a supply chain, certify goods and products, and spot conditions for the prevention of...

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