Easy automatic update driver of your Lenovo Laptop

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Some days ago, Windows 10 Home on my Lenovo Yoga 530 stuck on Sleep or Hibernate, and it cannot be Wake, displaying nothing but looking alive. Frustrated at not being able to find a fix, I decided to reinstall the Windows 10. After the installation progress is done, I check Device Manager and show up some items are containing with ! mark, which means something is wrong. Usually from my experience this requires updating of drivers which may...


SPlayer: free and powerfull video player

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SPlayer is universal Media Player with Smart Translation that have several advantages over other video players. Carries wide range of codecs, so that can be played film with good, including movie file format from DVD ripping, like .mkv (Matroska Video). It can find subtitle file (auto match) of movie from the server if not found together with movie file. Yesterday I saw my friend who was confused looking subtile file (.srt) because of...


Mi Browser: Easy to download video on social media

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I just try this internet browser app developed by Xiaomi, I'm using Mi 10T device.This app growing rapidly and making it easier for me to download some interesting videos found especially on Facebook and Twitter. Very easy to use to download videos, even so I will show it here. Mi Browser is a fast and secure full-featured web browser for mobile devices. Top performance and amazing user experience allow you to surf the web, use search,...


How to Find the Right Band for Your Apple Watch

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The fitness industry went all-in on tech with the advent of smartwatches and smart bands. These compact devices sit on the wrist and monitor many of the body's signs that convey a person's health. The data gathered by this method is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand their fitness level. It is no wonder the fitness wearable market has drawn many tech players into it. After dominating the smartphone market, Apple has also...

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