Digsby Chatting Software with Multi Network

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Digsby is a free software that combines the functions of Chat (Instant Messenger), Social Network, and Email in a single interface. Look at the picture on the left. I can still chat while checking the status updates of friends on Facebook. With this ... no need to open an Internet browser and direct it to Facebook. And at the bottom, there are...


Support Digsby development

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Digsby update before it is possible not to update automatically. And now Digsby adding advertisements on the IM window which later earned income is used for development. But there may be someone disturbed by it advertisements. Don’t worry….. it can be hidden. Look for the option on the preferences as shown in the picture above....


Digsby now not obliged to update on start-up time

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If you are Digsby user must be having the length of time Digsby startup until ready for use when it was running automatic updates. Always up to date is the obligation to Digsby. But now can choose….. want always up to date or not. In order to not update automatically, do the settings on the General & Profile. When there is a file update,...


Yahoo Messenger 11 revolution: become Digsby competitor?

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Yes….. Yahoo Messenger now perform a revolutionary step that can be connected with more social networking sites. See the picture below. For you who use Yahoo Messenger 11, you can chat with friends without having to open up Facebook website. Can directly as do a chat with friends like chat with Yahoo buddy. Not only Facebook networks, you...

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