MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Free Edition [Giveaway Personal Edition]

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In this post we are going to introduce the free file recovery program MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition. You have no way to deny the fact that we have already stepped into the digital era, in which data plays an irreplaceable role in people’s daily life and work. Believe it or not, most of us in current society are used to keeping...


MiniTool Power Data Recovery [Giveaway]

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover deleted data from the Windows Recycle Bin, restore lost data, even if the partition is formatted or deleted, restore data from a corrupted hard drive, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure. The newly-upgraded Power Data Recovery 6.8 is added with support for dozens of RAW file...


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk [Giveaway]

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk is an emergency software that provide the first aid for your computer system. When you found BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) condition of your laptop, what your next step? For me, try to restart and if the problem persists, do the recovery. What do you use to perform the recovery? Command line.... Yes, it...


MiniTool Power Data Recovery [Giveaway 5 Licenses]

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery is powerfull tool to recover your important data with fascinate result. MiniTool Power Data Recovery used to restore your data that are accidentally erased from variety of media such as hardisk drive, portable media storage, CD/DVD recovery. Its interest for me is recovery of data due to partition damage. This...

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