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ABBYY Screenshot Reader is very helpful when you need the text from an image, then instantly converts it into a document file.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader will greatly help you. Not only can get the text from an image, it was also able to get table and turn it into a spreadsheet document. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition), even it could take what you see on the screen.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader features

  • Get text from image
    This prevents you to retype the necessary parts, such as copy-paste the text from the image
  • Convert text you get from image into editable document file
    This also applicable when you take a picture of the table, it can be converted directly into an Excel file.
  • As screen capture you can capture an interesting part of the screen
    Maybe you seen an error message on the screen then send it to technical support to solve the problem.
  • Variety of saving formats
    You can save Image Screenshots in JPEG, Bitmap or PNG formats. Text Screenshot can be saved as editable texts in .RTF, .TXT, .DOC or .XLS formats.
  • Already compatible with Windows 8

More about ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Giveaway of ABBYY Screenshot Reader

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Note: this page is using Russian, it is possible you will get Russian-language software, may be can changed to another language.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader

ABBYY Screenshot Reader video tutorial

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