Able2Extract: An Easy Way to Edit Your PDF Reports

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Able2Extract needed to make quick edits to PDF report before sending it to the boss, you cannot do it so easily yet.

Able2Extract: An Easy Way to Edit Your PDF ReportsAble2Extract makes your job with PDF easy and quickly resolved. Regardless of their profession, working people tend to deal with all kinds of reports. These reports range from fully tabular or textual files to even a combination of the two and they can be pretty lengthy and overwhelming. When working on those documents, there is always an omnipresent goal to make them best as possible, no matter where they are going next.

When we create a report, it is usually in PDF, since it is the most known format for sharing files. It is universal, meaning that each document looks and remains the same on each operative system or device. Another reason why files come in PDF, is the security. It is the most secure document format currently available and there are many options how you can lock and secure your PDF. In general, this is considered its biggest advantage.

However, taking in consideration the security characteristics, PDF has one small flaw. It cannot be edited or changed by default. All your reports stay just the way they are, all the time.

But is this always a good thing?

Well, no, not always. For example, if you need to make quick edits to a PDF report before sending it to your boss, you cannot do it so easily. You would usually have to convert it to other format and then go through a lengthy process of editing, before sending it back to PDF.

Thankfully, with Investintech’s Able2Extract, this is no longer an issue, since this piece of software allows you to make on-page PDF edits in just three clicks. Able2Extract is a PDF converter, creator and editor that lets you easily manipulate PDF in any way you want. Most importantly, its integrated text editor will allow you to:

  1. Add text and remove whole text blocks
  2. Move pages across the document
  3. Merge PDF files into one
  4. Rotate one or several pages
  5. Resize any page within seconds.
  6. Convert any PDF up to 12 editable file formats, including Word, Excel, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, and more.

All these features come in handy and save you a ton of time when making those final adjustments. And with the latest WYSIWYG text editor, all changes are instantly visible, thus saving you time that would be otherwise spent on juggling between multiple documents.


Able2Extract is an excellent tool that does a good job at all PDF related tasks. You can use it to streamline PDF editing, which makes it a real time saver for anyone working under pressure and short deadlines, regardless of the industry. You can download 7-day free trial, and test it yourself. We hope you will find it as useful as we did.

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