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Hello…. I am VMANCER
My real name is Manik Agra. I am Balinese and reside in Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. Currently I am working as Construction Supervisor. I wrote blog article for the first time in 2009 with Blogspot (Blogger) platform, VMANCER Blog Site, in Indonesian language. Then had also written several other blogs, but not running well.

On my 1st blog I try my luck with the advertisements. And fortune came in May 2010. I use it to register domain vmancer.com. As on VMANCER Blog Site, here I am also talk about cell phones, software, internet, nice places, and some related matters based on my experience…. but using English. Hopefully my English in this blog be understood.

Other things related with this blog:

  • kasamago

    Salam Blogger Banyumas..

    Keep Succes

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  • thank you for your info..

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  • Vanessa

    Dear Sir,
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    • nice offer
      I will contact you soon
      thank you

  • Maggie Lewis

    Dear editor,

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    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Hi Maggie,
      Other times you should contact me via contact page if want to submit your developed software in this blog entry
      …but it does not matter as long as not provided that such comments in articles about other software.
      thank you

  • Salam kenal,

    Blog nya bagus, sangat menarik…
    Oya, terimakasih ya atas kunjungannya ke website saya!

    Tetap semangat & sukses slalu…

  • salam kenal bro..

    • saya kutip sebagian isi blog-nya, ya?
      yang tentang bedugul itu.
      trims sebelumnya.

  • tengkyu bro..

  • Nice blog bro..

  • nggih silahkan…

  • sareng siki nggih pak vmancer…:) blog nya apik niki 🙂

  • muantafs bgt mas….
    soal nulis veno mancer jagonya

    • kok komen mu sama dengan yang di blogger???

  • wah.. pade-pade semeton bali… ngiring metimpal.. tyang saking karangasem.. niki blog tyange.. Jnana Yoga (klik nama untuk berkunjung)

    membahas indik hubungan teknologi dengan kehidupan..

    • nggih… tiang saking Tabanan dan tinggal di Tabanan sakewanten mekarye di Seminyak-Kuta.

      Ngiring semeton sane lianan sareng-sareng melancaran ke blog timpal-timpal ane wenten driki.


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