AceThinker PDF Writer [and Screen Grabber Pro Giveaway]

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AceThinker PDF Writer make you easy to edit and protect PDF document in a few clicks.

With AceThinker PDF Writer you can edit PDF document like editable document file, with just click on part you want to edit. Add, delete and edit texts are no longer difficult, and inserting, editing and deleting images can be easily done too. You can even add annotations, background image and watermark to the PDF pages.

AceThinker PDF Writer more features

  • Add comments
    Adding comments to the PDF is quite common when it is shared among people. Annotations such as highlight, underline, strikethrough and all kinds of markups in different colors are offered to comment the PDF.
  • Edit pages
    Several ways are provided for you to edit pages in PDF. Insert pages, delete pages, extract pages and split documents are no longer pains.
  • Enrich PDF with background
    PDF Writer comes with adding background perfectly. You can choose the source as either color or file, with both choices, you are able to set the appearance and position.
  • Adding Watermark
    This is a function widely applied in business area. Texts and files are both available to select as the sources of the watermarks. With rotation degree, opacity and location functions, the watermark you added can be highly customized.
  • Set Open Password
    To prevent the PDF being viewed by others, you can set password to make it safe.
  • Set Permission Password
    With this password encryption, PDF viewers require a password to change the security settings and get access to the specified functions. This is a good way for the PDF creators to limit access and restrict certain changes from others.

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AceThinker PDF Writer Giveaway

In this event you will find giveaway for 2 products, that is PDF Writer and Screen Grabber Pro for Mac. At a glance of Screen Grabber Pro for Mac, is tool that run on MacOS with friendly interface so it will quickly guide you through creating screenshot/screencasts with webcam, real-time editing and more valuable features. These 2 software you can get with free here from July 14th to July 28th, 2016.

AceThinker PDF Writer

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