Ad Banner Remover Plus (Yahoo Advert Remover)

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This is software patch for Yahoo Messenger, Ad Banner Remover Plus, is far more complex than Yahoo Multi Messenger, but both are equally free. Both can be used so you can chat with 2 Yahoo Messenger (YM)accounts at the same time. Both of them can do blocking of ads that appear on YM.


  • Advert Options: Remove Main Messenger Advert, Replace Change Room Banner, Remove Chat Room Advert, Replace Webcam Adverts, Replace Video Call Advert – ( Yahoo Messenger 11 and 10 Only ), Remove IM Statusbar Advert – ( Yahoo Messenger 11 and 10 Only )
  • Other Options: Enable / Disable Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger (11, 10, 9, or 8), Disable “Automatically start Yahoo Messenger” – ( When Windows Starts ), Enable / Disable Smiley Search – ( Yahoo Messenger 11 and 10 Only )
  • Yahoo UI Options: Remove Insider Button, Remove Email Button, Remove Mobile Button, Remove Voice Button, Remove Contact Card, Remove Plugins Toolbar, Remove Contacts Tab, Remove YUpdates Tab, Remove System Notifications.

Ad Banner Remover Plus (Yahoo Advert Remover) interface

Ad Banner Remover Plus - Yahoo Messenger (YM) supported

Ad Banner Remover Plus running in portable mode. you can run it directly without installation.

Setting offered a fairly complete. There were interesting feature that is Clean Options that allows users to reset the settings so that can quick return to the original settings. Such as rollback feature in Windows operating system.





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Ad Banner Remover Plus - clean options (rollback)

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