Road to Addiction-Free Life

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Road to Addiction-Free Life

If you are looking for an alcohol rehab in Birmingham, you are welcome to visit our modern clinic. Our Rehabilitation Center is the best choice for patients suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, and other addictions.

We can give you painless and safe treatment, a comfortable stay, and complete recovery of the body. It is also possible to normalize the functions of the nervous system. If you wish to know more, please use this link:

Our highly qualified specialists with many years of experience make every effort to help a person overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs, games, the Internet, social networks. All the clinic’s staff knows well that most people are very ashamed of addiction, so we guarantee complete anonymity to each client.

Doctors conduct various clinical trials to improve treatment, make it more effective and intensive. All medicine used in the hospital have been pre-tested and approved by international commissions.

The psychologist’s work includes sessions not only with the patient himself but also with his relatives. This approach is important because the effectiveness of treatment largely depends on how the immediate environment responds to the problem. Therefore, the psychologist explains to the patient’s relatives all the nuances and gives recommendations on how to support the addicted person.

Treatment of addiction in the hospital has several significant advantages:

  • Detoxification in a specialized intensive care unit, withdrawal from binge-drinking;
  • Round-the-clock medical monitoring of the patient’s condition, recovery control;
  • Assisting by specialized specialists;
  • Protecting the patient from unwanted contacts that provoke or promote alcohol intake;

In stages of addictions treatment, the following activities are carried out:

  • Motivation — identifying the problem, its acceptance and argumentation of the need for treatment;
  • Diagnosis — a collection of tests, hardware diagnostics, consultations with the therapist and profile specialists;
  • Detoxification — cleansing the body of alcohol, its surrogates, and toxins formed as a result of metabolic processes, prevention of development withdrawal syndrome;
  • Psychotherapy, hardware therapy, and additional therapy — recovery of the body with the help of specialized medical and modern physiotherapy equipment;

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that cannot be cured on its own and requires medical attention. Ask us for help in the fight against addiction, and you will win!

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