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Current release Advanced Mobile Care, in order to help user solving phone’s battery drain problem, have improve the Battery Saver and added powerful 1-Tap Hibernate in Booster.

Advanced Mobile Care is Android application developed by IObit that usefull to maintain the performance of your Android phone. The newest features of this product are:

  • The brand new Battery Saver is more convenient to use than ever. Except for the two basic functions–Initial Mode & Ultimate Mode, there’s also a custom mode (My Mode). My Mode allows users to set different power saving modes according to their needs.
  • The 1-Tap Hibernate allows users to shut down auto-starting apps running in the background with only one tap. It can save more power for your handset and get the phone run faster.

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Last year we have cooperation with IObit (Advanced Mobile Care [Giveaway]) and now who are interested get the chance again. If you are interested to participate, I have 10 licenses to share.
Below are the requirements.

  1. Share this article to social network or forum that you follow.
    Remember to make it public, so I can check it.
  2. Submit a comment with the share link from the first instruction.
    Remember to fill with valid email address.
  3. The winners will be announced on this page after a week, and immediately send the license soon afterthat.

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