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I think Advanced Task Killer is essential Android application that must be installed on any Android smartphone.

Advanced Task Killer is a small and light application that runs on Android smartphone system which serves to maintain the performance of your phone. Consciously or not, a lot of applications that run automatically or run by user then after completion of used these applications are not closed properly. Stack of various applications that finish used but not closed properly will still uses system RAM memory so only a few remaining free memory. This causes the application to be used (being used) just get a little rest of RAM, and this resulted in delays performance.

Advanced Task Killer will solve this problem.

Advanced Task Killer should run automatically from the phone is turned on. You will find green Android robot on top left of your smartphone. The first picture below shows a pile of applications running in the background as I described above. To stop the applications that have not been used, you can do it quickly while pressing KILL selected apps button. This tap can be set so that it runs automatically. This can be set so that it runs automatically. See the second picture.

You can set Auto Kill and Auto Kill Frequency so the above process will runs automatically. Remember to create Recomended Ignore List (picture number 3) so this application will not shut down critical applications.

More info and download.

Advanced Task Killer - Android app    Advanced Task Killer - Android app

Advanced Task Killer - Android app

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