Amigabit Privacy Cleaner [Thanksgiving Giveaway]

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Many of us are not aware of the crimes carried out over the internet. more specifically, the harness tracks left from our internet usage. Amigabit Privacy Cleaner remove any remaining traces of us on the internet.

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner is designed to protect your privacy and personal information by cleaning all your tracks on computer and Internet including cache, cookies, location bar history, auto complete memory, index.dat, IE plug-ins, recent documents, Windows search history, Internet download history, Start menu run history, open or save history, Windows temporary files, recent played Internet location, watched videows, music, pictures, chat log.

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner features

  • Safeguard your private and sensitive information on your computer
  • Wipe out all of your history with just a click
  • Review all of the threats to your privacy with just a click
  • Browse, shop, bank, and socialize online safely
  • Remove all traces of your Internet activity

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Amigabit Privacy Cleaner Thanksgiving Giveaway

In this year Thanksgiving you can get this software license with free. Please visit this page and follow the instruction behind the Next button. This event end on November 30th, 2013.

If you miss this event, you can take advantages from the 50% discount that you can see on this article: Amigabit Privacy Cleaner [50% Discount]

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner

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