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Amigabit Privacy Cleaner eliminate your track during endurance of computer activities, both offline and online activities.

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner is designed to protect your privacy and personal information by cleaning all your tracks on computer and Internet including cache, cookies, location bar history, auto complete memory, index.dat, IE plug-ins, recent documents, Windows search history, Internet download history, Start menu run history, open or save history, Windows temporary files, recent played Internet location, watched videows, music, pictures, chat log.

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner features

  • Complete scan on all areas on your computer to find out all privacy risks
  • Removing the detected cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory, Windows temp folder, run history, search history, download history, open or save history, recent documents, chat history including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and more
  • Customize privacy cleaning task as schedule by setting a start time manually.
  • Cleaning function supports many software.
    You can obtain the list on the following pages, and there can also be found a variety of information about this software.

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner license with 50% discount

In this year 2013 Christmas, Amigabit share 50% discount coupon for this product. The new price is $ 14.98 that will be valid until 2014-01-01. If you are interested, please use this coupon code : AMIG-Q83O-XMAX, when do purchasing. This coupon discount code can be used to other Amigabit product. Click here to buy (coupon discount embeded).

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