Ant Renamer: rename bulk of files with a single click

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With master installer capacity approximately 1 MB, is in accordance with its name, Ant Renamer. With small size brings the various features of renaming files or folder.

ant renamer - interface

Supported parameters :

  • Move string
  • String insertion
  • String replacement (single and multiple)
  • Change case
  • Change extension
  • Characters deletion
  • Enumeration
  • Rename using MP3 tag info
  • Rename using date and time
  • Rename using name list
  • Rename using regular expression
  • Rename using EXIF info

ant renamer - rename option parameter

Example : add some words in existing file name

  1. Click Actions
  2. Go to String insertion
  3. Input the words to be added in String to insert section
  4. Determine the position of the words added to the existing file name, see the preview on Sample new name section (the bottom of the image above)
  5. after all according to….. Click GO!

Process can still be done easily and quickly even if done with bulk of files at once.

More info and download Ant Renamer.

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