Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition: free for Windows Server

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AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition offers you all necessary partition management functions on Windows Server operating system with no cost.

Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition can manage your Windows Server hard drive with no cost. It’s free… no other similar software developers provide the free server version software. But there are several diferences with the paid version.

Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition features

1. Convert GPT and MBR disk without loss of data.
2. Align partition to optimize HDD or SSD performance. 
3. Convert primary and logical partition.
4. Clone/Copy partition.
5. Split partition from one into two.
6. Wipe disk and partition.
7. Fully support UEFI boot.
8. Disk bad sector test.
9. Free for private and commercial use.

Differences with the paid version
Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition can’t used to:

  • Resize/Move partition
  • Merge partition
  • Extend partition wizard
  • Allocate free space
  • Copy disk
  • Partition recovery
  • Make bootable CD
  • Migrate OS wizard
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic
  • Dynamic disk and dynamic volume management
  • Convert NTFS and FAT32 partition

Get Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition for Windows Server free of charge

Please visit this page. There you will find more complete information including this software download page.

Watch the video below that show how Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition for Windows Server fix you Low Disk Space problem on your Windows Server.

Aomei Partition Assistant Standard: allow commercial purposes and Windows 8 supported

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Aomei Partition Assistant Lite Edition

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