Ashampoo Video Styler [Giveaway]

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Ashampoo Video Styler is simple video editor that will beautify your video with fast. With just one click you can mirror or rotate your video.

Ashampoo Video Styler very easy to use in video editing. Brightness, contrast, gamma values and saturation can be adjusted with the help of sliders. In order to give your video a special touch, you can add music or try one of the professional effects. Make an action-filled video even more ingenious by inverting the colors. Or give your videos the elegance and nostalgia of old films with the help of the “Old movie” or “Sepia” effect.  Then if the result does not meet your expectations, you can easily undo the change and restore the original version with just one click.

With Ashampoo Video Styler, you can export the video into different output formats. Among the output formats are .avi, .mpeg4, .wmv and .m2ts. If you want to present your video to your friends, family or other Internet users you can directly upload your Video on YouTube or create a video in a format suitable for MyVideo or Facebook.

Features of Ashampoo Video Styler

  • Adjustment of brightness, contrast etc.
  • Adding background music and effects
  • Simultaneous encoding of several videos
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Creation of videos in Facebook or MyVideo format
  • Touch screen support
  • Easy handling (“one click”)

Ashampoo Video Styler Giveaway

To get Ashampoo Video Styler license with free, please visit this page. There you must submit your valid email address to request free license. Please do it hurry, I don’t know when this event finish.

Ashampoo Video Styler
Ashampoo Video Styler2

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