AVG Image Shrinker [free Android app]

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AVG Image Shrinker is a free Android app to to reduce the capacity of image file.

AVG Image Shrinker does this by changing the size of an image. Latest smartphones equipped with a high resolution camera that produces sharp images with so many MB file capacity. The large capacity of this  image file will take a lot your monthly data plan. This is the background made of this application. Is actually very simple, AVG helps users to save their data usage.

I don’t think AVG developing Android applications to process images. I understand that AVG makes security software such as antivirus.

AVG Image Shrinker features

  • Shrink your photos to save on your mobile data
    Shrinking your images before you share them means you can upload them more quickly and use less data.
  • Share images directly online by send email or through social network (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Picasa and many other).
  • Customize your preferences
    You can configure the size of the image you want to shrink by entering a customized size of your choice or default to the size that AVG recommends.

More about AVG Image Shrinker and download

AVG Image Shrinker - choose image to shrink AVG Image Shrinker - select size

AVG Image Shrinker - result AVG Image Shrinker - share

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