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Like its predecessor (Norton and McAfee)….. finally AVG also make software for PC care so that always running optimally. The PC care software called AVG PC Tune Up 2011.

AVG PC Tune Up 2011 - system advisor

System Advisor as shown in the picture above will give advice in optimizing the system.

Tool package found on the AVG PC Tune Up 2011 consists of:

  1. Internet Optimizer, to speeds up your Internet access by tuning settings specifically to your connection type.
  2. Service Manager, to disables unnecessary services that use up valuable memory, processor power and space.
  3. Tweak Manager, to customize 280+ Windows settings to improve your system’s speed and performance.
  4. Registry Defrag, to rewrites your registry to consume less memory and give your applications faster access.
  5. Startup Manager, to frees up system resources by turning off unnecessary programs that run on startup.
  6. System Information, provides a comprehensive overview of your PC – invaluable when getting technical support.
  7. Uninstall Manager, removes applications quickly and properly deletes installation files from your registry.
  8. Registry Cleaner, fixes corrupted registries that cause your PC to slow down, freeze and crash
  9. Disk Cleaner, removes clutter and junk files from your hard disks.
  10. Duplicate File Finder, eliminates duplicate files and gives back valuable space.

  11. Disk Explorer, identifies large files and save the ones you don’t need to a removable drive.
  12. File Shredder, ensures sensitive files can’t be recovered and read by prying eyes.
  13. Disk Wiper, wipes entire drives, making sure that deleted files can’t be restored.
  14. Track Eraser, prevents others from learning which websites, files and applications you’ve opened.
  15. File Recovery, recover lost files as a result of software errors and accidental deletion
  16. Disk Doctor, identifies bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors that can cause data loss

AVG PC Tune Up 2011 - service manager - optimize service Among the many tools that exist, I prefer to use Service Manager. With this tool you can disable services that are not needed so the system runs with much less RAM consuming, so it will feel the system is running lighter.


AVG PC Tune Up 2011 - service manager - optimize serviceFor a faster mode, you only need to select the mode of daily computer usage and this tool that will automatically set it for you.

Want to try?

Visit the official web for AVG PC Tune UP 2011.

If you are confused to find a download link, can use an alternative download link from Brothersoft.


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