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Background Generator has released a new Online Image Creator Tool which allows users to create predefined and customized backgrounds for variable use sets. This Background Image Generator is available as an online tool and does not require to be installed on computer devices. Users can simply log on to the website and create background images using the free online tool. This saves a lot of time for the users as they do not have to download and install any software on their computers. It also saves hard disk space as most other background image generators require tens of megabytes of space for installation on the hard disks of users.

Background Generator - Generate Amazing Background Images

The Background Image Generator tool can be used to make posters, desktop wallpapers, graphical backgrounds, blog post templates, Instagram post templates and illustrations. Users can customize the background to suit their specific purposes to make colorful and attractive images. There are 7 different background images that users can use to generate graphics. These are Colorful, Graphics, Galaxy, Changing Light, Poly, Dream and Bars. Each of these image options have different graphical textures to make creating images a simple and wonderful task. Users can also customize the color of backgrounds using the RGB color options on the platform.

Background Image Generator also has the option of adding text to the background selected by users. They can use the Add Texttool to insert text to their images. Users have the option of selecting from a set of 10 predefined text effects or customize the text according to their specific needs. The predefined text patterns can be applied with the click of a button. They can type the text in the “Text” box and click on the Add Text button. Users can select the Size, Position, Style and Color of the Text. Transparency of the text can also be customized. The text option can be used to add a message or signature to the background image. There are multiple text positions available in the Background Image Generator which allows the users to place the text at a convenient location on the image. The Background Generator is a single tool that can be used to both to create customized backgrounds and add text to them.

Users can save their background images in the popular Jpeg/Jpg format. In addition to that, the free online tool also supports saving the background created to PNG format. There is also a Transparency option which users can use to save the image as a transparent or opaque background image. This is helpful for those who want to use the background with other images. It can be used to add an overlay effect to other images.

Background Generator is a 100% secure and trusted platform. Unlike other online platforms, users do not have to upload any image files to create or edit backgrounds. They can simply use the predefined background options and customize them to suit their needs. This ensures that the privacy of users is not compromised. It is very easy and convenient to use the tool. Users do not require to have graphical designing background to create images. The platform has been created keeping in mind the requirement of a large number of users. Bloggers, Graphical Designers, Professionals, Freelancers and all others can make use of the Background Image Generator to create fascinating backgrounds.

Background Image Generator is a cross-platform tool which can be accessed from all popular desktop and mobile devices. The platform supports devices running Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS operating systems. This means that users can access the Background Image Generator simply by logging on to the website from the browser client on their Computer, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Tablets or Android Mobile devices. This lets users create amazing background images right on the go.

Background Generator Features

  • Random Machine Algorithm to create 100% Unique Images
  • 7 Predefined Background Styles and Templates to choose from
  • Can be used by Bloggers, Professionals, Graphical Designers, Posters, PowerPoint background etc.
  • Add Text using preset text patterns and effects
  • 120+ Graphics and Icons to create amazing backgrounds
  • 100% Free to use for both personal and commercial purposes
  • Runs on all popular platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS operating systems)
  • No need for Registration and Sign Up, no need email addresses
  • No need to upload images to create backgrounds
  • Create and Save background images conveniently

How to Generate a Background Image with Background Generator in 5 Steps

1. Choose the Image Size
Choose the image size from the preset image size drop list, or customize the image size by clicking on the Width and Height boxes to input a new image size.

2. Color Type
You can modify the “Color Type” to “Customized Color” and select your favorite color, or leave the drop list as “Random Color” by default and the tool would create the image based on a random color.

3. Shape, Amount and Shape Size
By changing “Shape”, “Shape Amount” and “Max Shape Size” settings, you will get different generated background images. Just try different options and values, you would find some interesting results.

4. Create the Image
Click on the “Generate” button, Background Generator would create a new image on the preview canvas based on your settings instantly. If you are not satisfied with the current output, simply click the “Clean” button and regenerate a new one.

5. Save the Background to your PC
There are 2 save buttons below the canvas of the generated background. You can save the image as PNG format or JPG/JPEG format. If you want to generate an image with the transparent background, please set the “Transparency” option to “Transparent”, and save the image as PNG format after the image created.

Small Tip:
After created the background image, click on the “Add Text” button at the left sidebar to add text onto the background. There are a lot of text effect settings below that button and you can change settings to add different effects for the text.

Pricing and Usage Requirements

Background Image Generator is a free online tool that can be used without having to register or Signing Up on the platform. There is no restriction on publishing or usage of the background images generated using the tool.


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