Bajra Sandhi: Balinese people struggle monument (Denpasar City)

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Bajra Sandhi is a place of such temples which reflects the struggle of the people of Bali. Located in the heart of Denpasar, on the Puputan Renon Ground. Renon is a bona fide areas where there are many offices of large companies, embassies, and offices-governor and his official duty.

bajra sandhi bajra sandhi

Surrounding buildings, many people who use the sports facilities and recreation. Surrounding the park is set well in order to refresh the mind, because it shall be visited usually by residents Denpasar.

Bajra Sandhi

An article on Wikipedia, Bajra Sandhi serves to remind us of the services of the heroes of the struggle since the colonial era in which the spirit of the struggle has to be passed on to younger generations.

Bajra Sandhi beautiful building is attracting local and foreign tourists, was built with black stone materials using Trimandala concepts:

  1. As the “Utama Mandala” (top level) is the court / building in the middle of the most
  2. As “Madya Mandala” (middle level) is the court that surrounded President Mandala
  3. As an “insult Mandala” (buttom level) is the most outer courtyard surrounding the Madya Mandala
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