Bali Arts Festival: that you get if visiting Bali on mid June

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Every mid-June until mid-July each year held in Bali Arts Festival, which was centered in the Ardha Chandra art centre. There are also exhibited and sold various items of art. Art performances are held every day at that time.

Bali Arts Festival History


Bali Art Festival was held in an effort offering copyrighted works best art community. The community now wish to choose between arts and crafts, profane and secular, orders and pure creativity of the people of Bali, it’s all they are doing with the spirit of “sacrifice”. The difference is not going to reduce the essence of art. Art activities based on the motivation for offering the best and the “spirit” in all the activities of the Balinese community.

Art shown is offering copyrighted works produced and also as an offering. This is still used.Dedication copyrighted works of art and liberation iklas implies that in Hinduism is often referred to Yadnya. Yadnya offered through art and making copyrighted works best creations as gifts, then the artist wherever possible someone will not bring his or his most ugly, or improvise, let alone offering it in the form of art and creation that was born from the cultivation of love and upstream spiritual civilization arts community.

Bali Arts Festival is a medium and a means to explore and preserve the arts and culture and increasing prosperity. Excavation and preservation of cultural arts include philosophy, noble values and universal, basic concepts, both cultural heritage objects or not the objects of high historical value, science and art as a representation of civilization and the development of the arts through creation, innovation, cultural adaptation hope to stay alive and steady berjcelanjutan in the context of changing times and the times and the ever-changing environment.


Accommodate the copyrighted works, art and artistic aspirations of both the art of reconstruction, the art of the innovation, the attraction of art and appreciation of art and cultural community, the provincial government of Bali, since 1979, by the late Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra initiated and initiated a container party of the people, who until now called “Bali Art Festival” (PKB), the first time in a degree.

Basic Operation of Bali Art Festival is the Bali Provincial Regulation No. 07 of 1986 on the “Bali Art Festival.” Bali Art Festival was first held in 1979, lasted less than two months rather than the date of June 20, 1979 until August 23, 1979, and each year has provided an opportunity to display art works best, as a vehicle for development, preservation and development of arts and culture masyarakat.Pelestarian keseniankesenian arts and culture featuring classic that was nearly extinct and buried in masyarakat.Melalui Bali Arts Festival, motivate people to explore, discover and display to the public on these people’s party. Operation of PSA from year to year has provided its own nuances to the constancy of Balinese culture with displays of art are always different theme-beda.Kiranya how dedicated the Balinese art into the container Pests Bali Arts, every year is different. As in the Bali Art Festival which took place in June 2003 is the 25th Bali Art Festival that coincided with Jubillium Silver Bali Arts Festival. This opportunity is a very timely moment to make corrections, improvements and changes as well as self-introspection, amid the current downturn in Bali tourism.

Bali Arts Festival 2003 is taking the theme of “Yadnya Chakra” meaningful Wheels Creativity Never Ending. This theme describes how heavy our burden is always on the move and creativity to fulfill our lives. Thus, activity and creativity to produce works of art copyright and Balinese art will never stop, to explore and develop new ideas, both in new ideas in art and in everyday activities, in order to connect the continuity of life. Excavation and development of new ideas in art, is used to offset the distribution of foreign cultures as a result of globalization overall, due to the presence in new ideas will be able to guide the behavior of society in the context of thinking, saying and doing the diinplementasikan and embodied in the cultural art form of copyrighted works.

In the history of the grand feast of folk art in general is always opened by senior state officials.Only at the first PSA in 1979 was opened by the late Prof. DR. Ida Bagus Mantra that when it served as Head of the Provincial Governor of Bali, as well as the originator of the PKB. The rest of the opening of PKB implemented by the Ministry, Vice President, the President and First Lady.

Some photos from Balinese Arts Festival on year 2011

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